Treat ’em Mean

Must be Wednesday

Must be Wednesday

I don’t think I know anybody who doesn’t love the film Mean Girls, if you happen to be someone who doesn’t, please take a moment to slap yourself in the face…hard. I think there is a mean girl in all of us, maybe not full on raging Regina, but just a smidgen of all of them, if you don’t agree then you’re just a fugly liar! (Admit it you’ve used the word “fugly” a fair few times too).

So, for all you MG fans, here’s something just a little bit special…

Doll Boutique, a cool online shopping destination (with worldwide shipping) has re-stocked it’s… wait for it….. Mean Girls t-shirt collection!! With the now immortal phrases as “On Wednesday we wear pink” and “So fetch”. We can wear our meanness with pride!

Mean Girl T

Mean Girl T

So Fetch

These t’s are all limited edition, so hurry your asses up or there will be “None for Gretchen Weiners”

Check out the full collection here

And for old time’s sake, here are some Mean Girls ‘best bits”


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