Flava in Your Ear V – Jan 2013

Keeping it in the family….

Seeing as sooooo much good music has come out since my last music post (sorry about that), I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce you to a hidden gem.

She’s smart, she’s Stylish, she’s talented and best of all, she’s family!

I present to you my lovely cousin Ruth 🙂


Double up

So here’s a super speedy intro:

What made you want to share your talent?

Since I was little I always loved singing and as I grew up I lost my confidence a little. Got to a point where I found it difficult to sing in front of people so I started going back into little competitions to try and build my confidence back up. I then started making videos to see if I could get an unbiased response.

What have general responses been?

The majority of the responses back have been really positive. Whether it was something like “your singing is amazing” or some really helpful criticism like how I could improve my breathing.

Would you like to pursue a career in music?

I’m not that sure if I would but if I ever had the opportunity to do so, I would take it in a heartbeat.

Who are your musical heroes?

Wouldn’t really say I have any specific musical heroes because everybody has their own little thing that gives them their own style but if i had to choose my top three, they would probably be Amy Winehouse, Jhene Aiko and Ella Fitzgerald

Outside of music, what interests you?

In my spare time when i’m not singing i’m either drawing, writing or attempting to dance in my room. I also enjoy designing my own clothing, recently taken up knitting as a hobby.

Cat’s or dogs?

Dogs! Huskies to be exact.

Favourite clothing/shoe labels?

Jeffrey Campbell, Nike, Anything unique or with a weird design, anything designed by myself.

last item of clothing or shoes you bought?

A pair of Coltranes by Jeffrey Campbell. One of the best buys of my life.

Last song you listened to?

Blue Train – John Coltrane

Weird celeb crush?
Jordan Grizzle.

So, now we’re done with the (sort-of) formalities. Here are a couple of videos for you to have a look at. If you’re a YT’er check out her channel here. Please sub, rate, comment etc and spread the love. Enjoy!!



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