Last Call for Air Chanel

There are many reasons why Karl Lagerfeld is an absolute hero.  Who else can honestly get away with his silver/white ponytail, severely starched collars, sunglasses and leather driving gloves combo without looking like a lost elderly vampire? Well, no one can really.

There was the exquisite Paris-Bombay show in December which was absolutely breathtaking (there were little Chanel choo-choo trains chugging along gigantic banquet tables!!) and this week Karl pulled another awesome show out of the (probably quilted leather) bag. The Chanel couture Spring Summer 2012 show took place at Grand Palais…. inside a purpose-built aeroplane shell.

Before Take-off

With a wide runway (or aisle), numbered seats and a view of clouds though the transparent roof, production of this show must have been both a dream and nightmare job.

As you’d expect from Chanel, the collection was elegant and showcased subtle and often extremely complex detail.

Vogue UKVogue UK


Vogue UK


Vogue UK


Vogue UK

King Karl!

Vogue UK

 So how would a show like this close? I was absolutely delighted to hear that before taking his bow, Karl appeared before a mock cockpit, naturally daah-link.
If you’re wondering what the Paris-Bombay show looked like, here’s a video:

Pictures – Vogue UK, Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage


2 thoughts on “Last Call for Air Chanel

  1. Hi!

    lovely blog! My name is Antonio and I took this pictures at the Chanel show.. I didn’t know that they had been published at Vogue UK. Could you give me the link of where you found them? Pleaseeee! 🙂

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