Watch this space

Like many, I really enjoy a good TV series. The (often ridiculous) drama, the convoluted storylines, the pretty people and of course, the pretty clothes they wear. As Mark Twain once said,

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”

I’m using this in the literal sense, because for all the TV shows I watch (quite a lot right now), second to my love of the characters is often my love of what they wear. Yes, it’s shallow. No, I don’t care. No matter the geographical or historical setting, I can’t help but drool over the costumes worn by some of my favourite characters.

Lady Mary Crawley
So I missed the Downton bus the first time around, but this Christmas I got through the first season and I’m in love. The scandal, the backstabbing and the beauty of the subtle put-down (hat-tip to Violet played by the awesome Maggie Smith), what’s not to love?! So, to the costumes…ahhhhh. Everyone on this show is dressed so perfectly, even down to Mrs Patmore’s perfectly battered and bruised handbag she took to Moorefield’s (yes, I watch that closely).
It’s a close call between Sybil and Mary for who’s wardrobe I’d rather raid, but Mary just takes it. Her gowns are incredible, in particular the black beaded numbers she wears that wouldn’t have looked out of place on a Valentino SS2012 runway.


Pam De Beaufort
Anyone who knows me knows this: I am obsessed with vampires. No not since the twilight saga, but since seeing Interview with a Vampire as a kid and absolutely loving it (and being hella jealous of Dunst), then came buffy , then came Angel (yum yum yummy) you get my point. There is one undead lady, who I absolutely adore and her name is Pam De Beaufort *siiiigh*. Pam is a badass with a sharp tongue and a love of fine things. Case in point; when a traitor vamp is about meet her end, Pam interrupts proceedings to snatch the ill-fated vamp’s vintage Cartier necklace – Legend! Think of the inescapable sexiness of Dolce & Gabbana, the GTFOH attitude of Balmain and a bit of other worldliness from Gareth Pugh. She’s quite literally the baddest bitch on TV.


Chuck Bass
Now, while I don’t profess to know a whole lot about men’s fashion. I will say this. Chuck Bass is a total bad boy when it comes to what he wears. Always keeping it tightly pulled together, he does colour, he does patterns, he can wear the hell out of a  cravat and he does a mean side parting (and lovely pout). Always choosing silk over denim and never without that smoulder or pout, Chuck could be the spawn of Don “Dapper” Draper (or Patrick Bateman) and he’s my Upper East Side (tragic) fashion hero.

Stefan & Damon Salvatore
OK, more vampires. I’m not going to apologise or even try to pretend that what they wear is so special, they just wear it well. From the 1860’s to the noughties, they’re just….so pretty

Joan Harris
In addition to Downton, my other current box-set obsession is Mad Men, and second to Don “I don’t know if I love or hate him” Draper Joan Harris is my favourite character. She’s smart, beautiful, un apologetic about using her feminine wiles and sassy to boot. Oh yeah, she also has a ridiculously gorgeous figure that would cause even Jessica Rabbit to give a little side-eye. Matching lipstick and nails, teeny-tiny waist in pencil skirts and figure hugging dresses. Oh, Joan I love you.


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