This year, I promise to……

Merry 2012 everybody! I’m (very) slowly returning to the land of those who get up before 10am, don’t drink before lunchtime and wear things other than pj’s and slippers… *sob*

So at the beginning of the year as many people do, I’ve decided to set myself some resolutions. Not the “I must go to the gym” ones so typical after all the Christmas gluttony (though I will be pulling on my gym kit), but some sartorial ones.

  • I will wear more prints – I love prints, but not really on me for everyday wear. I heart a good leopard print (who doesn’t?) but I must put some more trust in the allure of the floral print, I mean,  I can be girly…sometimes. Aside from the ever popular floral there will be a cacophony of other prints in Spring/Summer 2012 if shows from Holly Fulton, Julien Macdonald and Mary Katrantzou are anything to go by. Whether clashing or matching them, I’ll be wearing them…eventually.

Mary Katrantzou SS 2012

  • I will give pwiddy pastels a go – In conjunction with the pretty prints, I also need to be more open to pastels. I know with my skin tone, ultra bright and earthy colours are fine, but I’m still a little wary of colours that I find “too pretty” and so pastels never really get a look in. My mind is slowly changing however after seeing (and drooling over) the offerings from Jonathan Saunders at LFW back in September. I think I’ll have seen the light come springtime.

Jonathan Saunders SS2012

  • I will sex up my sportswear – Some exercise-related item had to sneak in there somewhere and luck for me as sports luxe is a firm favourite look of mine to admire. With the Olympics coming to London this summer, Yaaaaay or Boooo! (delete as appropriate) sport will be in the air. Luxury T-shirts, racer front vests, and of course  cropped tops will be worn. Alexander Wang and Issey Miyake always bring it, and this year so will I….wearing a wedge high-top natch 😉

Alexander Wang SS 2012

Hi-tops by Marc Jacobs... I NEED these!!

  • I will embrace my boyish frame and channel my inner Gatsby groupie – I’m small and although I often bemoan this fact, if given the choice, I would keep what my mamma (and pappa) gave me. While I have almost a whole year to get excited about the release of  “The Great Gatsby” in cinemas (I’m really really really excited about this film even though I’m a huge book-to-film adaptation sceptic) this give me plenty of time to play dress-up. Drop waists, slick hair, deco prints, smoking jackets and of course a nice set of champagne saucers will keep me busy.

    Love, love love

  • The final one isn’t really anything new… HAVE FUN!!! Fashion isn’t supposed to be taken too seriously, I mean by the time we find out “what to wear” in Spring/Summer, the next cycle has already started for Autumn/Winter!

Let me know what you think...

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