So instead of hibernating….

Just a quickie (Wheeey!) – sorry.

So, right now our fair isle is being mercilessly battered by wind and rain, and temperatures are plummeting to penguin pool party levels. On days as dark as this, one looks for hope (and warmth) in any shape or form. Full of joy today, aren’t I?

Well actually I am. And the reason for my chipper mood? Yes, central heating and my Hello Kitty slippers do feature high on the good stuff list, but I’m referring to the contents of  those oh so collectible bottles of Chanel nail colour.

R-L April, May, June

Spring summer 2012 will be all about April, May and June. The new nail colours that will no doubt be sold out quick-time come January. I’m not really a lover of pink, but I think I’ll be indulging in May… a lot! I’m but a simple creature that happens to like coloured nails. And if painting my nails in Chanel is what I must do to get through the long winter months, then so be it.



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