When the shirt hits the fan

Hmmmmm.... Which one today?

Grandad, fitted, silk, Peter Pan collar, boyfriend… Yes, I’m blathering on about shirts. The often overlooked, but (in my humble opinion) most essential of wardrobe items.
Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t always appreciate them, but almost 10 years of school uniform will do that I guess. But eventually, I saw the light, and I’ve been dancing around in it ever since.
Playing with fabrics, fits, and colours is most definitely one of my favourite things to do.
When I want to look a little more respectable/ responsible/well-groomed (and am certain I will not come within 10 meters of red wine or a tomato based dish) I reach for the white shirt. Worn with shorts, your favourite jeans, tailored trousers or a slinky little pencil skirt, the white shirt has the power to make you look pulled together, even if you’ve just woken up and pulled it on.
Another favourite of mine is the “boyfriend” shirt, be it from a boyfriend’s wardrobe or not. Paired with a vest and leggings (yes, I love leggings. They look good on me because I wear the correct size and the correct underwear under them) they provide ultimate comfort. Worn as a cover-up over a bikini, or with jeans/shorts for a casual daytime look, its perfect for every…OK most (casual) occasions. My huge light blue denim J Crew number is my go to. Just roll up those sleeves, tousle the hair and you’re done 🙂 Word of warning, if you are of a diminutive stature, you risk looking as though you’ve just raided your dad’s wardrobe. If it’s a little too big to wear as a shirt, try it as a dress and ta-da! New outfit! Joy!
I could go on and on and bore you to tears with more shirt chat, but I’ll be nice nd leave you in peace… Juuuuust one more thing though. Make it your mission to flirt with the idea of the finding your perfect shirt.



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