London Fashion Week – Day 1 Highlights

It’s here, and it’s happening! London fashion week kicked off on Friday at 09.00 with Paul Costelloe. Since coming home from work on Firday evening, I’ve been glued to catwalk reports and videos. (I’m on a major fashion feeding frenzy right now) If the first day is anything to go by, I’ll be a fashion fatty come the 21st!

My personal highlights from day 1 include:

Felder Felder – the yummy combination of sweet and sexy caught my eye instantly. Delicate chiffon dresses were toughened up with chokers and harness belts. Then came the studs and leather (yay!) which ramped up the ‘tude.

Felder Felder SS 2012 -

Felder Felder SS 2012 -

Fleder Felder SS 2012 -


Jean-Pierre Bragazana – The “mullet” tunic (a sure must-have for spring summer, I believe), the graphic prints in greys and blacks against white and THE trouser suit of the day. I was pleasantly surprised by this show. The “I want” moment came when reds and oranges were introduced to the pallet and out came the divine cut out creation. I still want.

Jean-Pierre Baganza SS 2012 -

Jean-Pierre Baganza SS 2012 -


Jena.Theo – Plenty of va-va-volume, and I’m not just referring to the clothes. The hair was big, eyes were heavily lined and lips were red. Oh the drama! Wearable silks, oversize draping and asymmetry are all things I loved the look of. Oh and this pair also love denim (Bonus points).

Jena.Theo SS 2012 -

Jena.Theo SS 2012 -

Also I must mention the lovely minimalism at Ann-Sofie Back Atelje, and the bright graphic prints at Besso & Brooke.



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