Models. They’re super

When you look at a fashion editorial photograph, what do you see first? Try as I might, I just have to spend a good few minutes just looking at the models.

I don’t know if its their (excuse the hyperbole) show-stopping beauty, the impossible length and tone of their limbs or the poses they hold that often seem to defy the laws of physics,but I just LOVE them.

The right model can do wonders for a the sales and popularity of a fashion house. You remember Tyson Beckford and the Polo Sport ads, right? Yep, thought so. And those striking images of Kate Moss  for Calvin Klein’s Obsession fragrance campaign – they sell prints on Amazon dontcha know. As well as being faces and bodies of products, a model can also be found at the root of trends. Agyness Deyn’s platinum pixie cut anyone?

There’s always the age old size zero debate, and I’m not about to go deep into this one. Karl Lagerfeld has famously (or controversially) defended the size of models saying,

“no one wants to look at plus size models on the runway”

To me, this comment wasn’t to offend women who are not of model size (almost all women everywhere!). Think about it, the beauty and spectacle of a fashion show and the industry in general is that is isn’t about normal, everyday life. It’s about fantasy and illusion. It’s an art form people. Chill out.

All that aside, here are a few of my favourite models.

Omahyra Mota
The Dominican born, New York raised BADASS! That pout, the swagger, the tattoos, this woman is sexy as hell. Take a peek at Ellen Von Unwerth’s Omahyrah and Boyd and try and telling me you didn’t need a cold shower afterwards. It was a Rocawear ad I saw her in, and ever since I’ve been obsessed. No, she’s not what most people would call “pretty”. Its the confidence she oozes and the heaps of attitude that I love. Very few people make me “wow” with every picture. Omahyra is one of them.

You had me at Rocawear

Smokin' -

Omahyra for Vixen Magazine

Alek Wek
The stunning philanthropist is beautiful inside and out, and a true role model. As a young girl, and even now,  the majority of black women in the media were light skinned with long hair, and this is what young girls are told is the ideal. Then I saw Alek with her flawless skin, super short hair and infectious smile. It was a huge relief to see Alek and to know that her black and my black was beautiful too.

Black is beautiful


That smile... love it

Gemma Ward
Always toeing the line between pure innocence and smouldering siren is this gorgeous Aussie. Her hypnotic wide set eyes, doll-like face and never ending limbs have been known to freak some people out, but if you can make what some see as a creepy blank stare into a unique selling point, I salute you. Oh yeah, then there’s her perfect pout too!

Vogue shoot


Flower power

Say what you like about models. Really, do. I couldn’t care less, and I doubt they would either.


Let me know what you think...

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