September excites me

Stay hot when the cold bites - I little bit of what I love


It’s happening. The days are noticeably shorter, I’m cursing the day I left the best umbrella I ever owned on the tube, and I’ve taken a few coats to be dry cleaned. Winter is coming and there’s nothing I can do about it. That said, there is obviously a magnificent shimmering lining to this cloud. Autumn/Winter wardrobe!

I just adore it. Everything from the jewelled hues of tights to the “what cape shall I don today?” dilemma before weaving the house. As much as I despise the cold,  every year around this time thoughts of tweed, leather and lace keeps me warm at night. This year is no exception, with many of summers big hits being carried forward (colour blocking, midi skirts – a surprise favourite of mine, and of course florals a-plenty) as well as any former tom-boy’s dream; androgynous dressing and not forgetting the “do I dare?” biggy… Fetish! I love it all!!

keep it bright when the days are dark

How very tweed

pretty in pleats

Ultimate party shoe

The great thing is, when taken apart all of these looks can be worn by anyone. Be it head-to-toe or just a simple accessory.

Go on, try it. I guarantee you’ll love it 😉



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